BLOCK & DELAY Burglars from Getting into Your Home or Business with Actual Physical Protection!

Finally… an Atlanta-based security company has stepped up to the plate to protect homeowners by closing the gaping holes left by outdated security companies. Our one-of-a-kind home security system keeps intruders BLOCKED OUT of your home or business. For the first time ever, you can get a home security system providing actual physical protection…  the same level of protection provided by security bars and doors without looking like a residential jailhouse.

The fear of home invasion, burglary, or smash-n-grab is becoming overwhelming metro Atlanta as with most urban areas. Local police departments, along with paid security monitoring services, can only react to an alert and are unable to actually prevent many of the unwanted intrusions before they occur. Home and business owners are primarily left to their own devices to combat the reality of urban crime.

We’ve created the FIRST and ONLY ultra-secure system with 3 layers of protection for your home and loved ones. Our one-of-a-kind home security system closes the gaping holes left by traditional monitoring services. Our tools block and delay thieves from getting in… buying you precious moments to contact authorities and get out of harms way before the crime goes down. Interested in knowing more? Look at one of our three solutions below.